Privacy Policy

1. Rationale or background to policy:
ADSTV is committed to protecting the personal information of our clients. ADSTV has policies and procedures in place to protect our clients’ right to privacy. There are a variety of policies that relate to clinical files, limits of confidentiality, breaches of confidentiality and for our website.

2. Policy Statement:
ADSTV upholds a client’s right to the protection of privacy and asks for consent to obtain personal information. We explain to every client why we collect personal health information and who sees the information; the limits to the collection of personal health information; how we safeguard privacy information; what ADSTV does in the event that police request information about client files; how we handle unauthorized theft or loss of information; access, use or disclosure of client information; how we track revoked consents; how a client can access their record and how a client can address any concerns they may have about their record. An ADSTV staff member will be available to answer any questions a client may have about our privacy policy. The Privacy Officer can also explain policies or answer questions that clients or general members of the public may have.

3. Procedures:

The following list outlines our rights to collect information and our responsibilities to protect it.

  1. We have responsibility for personal information.
    ADSTV is responsible for the information it holds about clients and has policies about the confidentiality of this information.
  2. We are clear about why we collect information from our clients.
    ADSTV collects information about our clients so that we can provide health care and services, as well as meet our reporting and legal obligations.
  3. We work in a team model where counsellors, case managers, social workers, community workers and a variety of skilled staff are part of providing high quality services to our clients and to the community.
    Information about our clients may be shared among the staff members of our organization who are involved in the client’s care in order to be able to help our clients most effectively.
  4. We ask for consent (agreement) to collect, use and share personal information.
    Every client (or his/her legally authorized representative) will sign an agreement about how we can use personal information. When clients come to ADSTV, a counsellor may ask a client to sign consent forms that will allow the counsellor to speak with people that are part of the client’s support circle. Clients have the right to choose for whom they would like to give consent. It is every client’s right to refuse to provide consent that would allow a counsellor to share personal health information in some cases. Clients also have the right to revoke consent. There may be times when clients are not comfortable sharing certain information, and clients can choose to ‘lock’ certain parts of their personal health information as long as it pertains to PHIPA. For more detailed information regarding consent, the Community Mental Health and Addictions Privacy Toolkit which will be made available to clients upon request.
  5. We will limit the collection of personal information.
    ADSTV will only collect information that is necessary to provide good service to our clients and to our community and to meet our legal and funding obligations.
  6. We use personal information only for the purposes to which our clients have agreed, unless the use or sharing is permitted or required by law.
    ADSTV will not use clients’ personal information for purposes other than care or services to our clients, for evaluation, or for managing and planning of services, unless our clients specifically agree or unless we are required by law.
  7. We take steps to safeguard our clients’ personal information.
    ADSTV will protect our client’s information and ensure its privacy. ADSTV uses closed servers and protected databases for storing client information. ADSTV also keeps all client information in double locked areas.
  8. Clients can ask about our privacy policies and practices.
    A staff person will provide clients with information about our policies and practices related to the management of personal information upon request, and will respond within a reasonable period of time.
  9. Clients have a right to know what personal information we hold about them, and clients can ask to see their records.
    Clients are able to review their record within 30 days of submitting a request (or 60 days in the case of complex searches). All client files must be reviewed in the presence of a ADSTV employee. Clients can request a correction of information or obtain a copy of their record. Clients must be aware that ADSTV is unable to release any third party information held in the file. Clients can request assistance in interpreting their record. Clients can contact ADSTV’s Privacy Officer, Heather Elliott, Manager of Quality Improvement & Professional Practice, at (519) 673-3242, extension 242, or at to submit a request.

 Website Privacy Policy

This website is maintained by the Addiction Services of Thames Valley (ADSTV), a community based service funded by Southwest Local Health Integration Network.

We are a government funded organization based in London, Ontario, Canada that provides screening, assessment, treatment, and prevention services to persons who are concerned about alcohol use, drug use, impaired driving issues and/or problem gambling.

The ADSTV Privacy Policy is based on guidelines, as defined by Canadian law. General policies can be viewed at the Privacy Commissioner of Canada web site.

ADSTV respects every person’s right to privacy. We believe the protection of personal information is a serious matter. Our client’s information is strictly confidential. We will never sell, rent or subscribe any client’s name to any third party or to any outside organization. The ADSTV web site has been designed according to generally accepted web site management practices.

We do not use cookies to track web site visitors. Visitors can safely browse this web site without having provided any personal information. However, general user trends and patterns are gathered via web site “log files” in order to help us maintain, evaluate and improve our website. Log files track global indicators such as the total number of visitors, total pages viewed, most popular documents retrieved, time of day, etc.

Data which may be collected from the use of contact through email or telephone may in fact be used in the aggregate in order to give us further demographic information about the entire ADSTV audience.

Visitors using this web site will not be contacted unless a request by that visitor for information has been made. Requesting information can be achieved by using the contact form found on the “Contact” page. This request may involve disclosing your Name, Address, Telephone, and/or return Email. It is understood by all parties, that any personal information you supply would be necessary in order for us to respond to your inquiry.

ADSTV provides links to certain external web sites. Please note that we do not have any control over content which may be found at those web sites. If you are concerned about your privacy at any of those sites, we suggest that you read their privacy policies and always use caution when asked to divulge your personal information.

If you encounter a problem with our web site, or have any questions about the ADSTV Privacy Policy, please contact: